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Oct 7

[Mrs?] K [S?] [Gauber?] West Virginia
Ida Case, Newport
Nora Case, Newport

Oct 14

Joseph Briggs
Waltor Fitzpatric
William Megginson

Oct 17

Nellie Briggs, Newport
Sara Cahill, Newport
Honora Fitapatrick, Newport
Agnes Fitzpatrick, Newport
Jennie Megginson, Newport
Lizzie Briggs, Newport 1373

Oct 21

G T Kelly
May [Druin?] 1375

Oct 25

C C Kubler, Toledo
J [A? O?] Commins, Toledo 1377

Oct 26

M. W. Davies, Newport
John Moore, South Beach 1379

November 2

Mart Shannaro, Toledo
Inez Alexander, Toledo
C Altree, Toledo
Ruth Stakely, Toledo

November 6

Geor F Crist, Salem Or
Claudius Potee, London, Ohio

November 10

J E Kelsey, Gibbon Nebraska
John Reddy, Gibbon Nebraska 1387

November 26

[Harry/Harney?] Litton, Portland
H. W. Stevens, Pendleton
W H McNerney, Lincoln Neb.

November 30

John Folmsbee, Newport
M. W. Tallman, Dayton Yamhill, Co, Or
C C Tallman, North Yamhill Oregon
T D Burgess, Lansing Michigan
V. W. Burgess, Lansing, Michigan 1396