Light-House Establishment,
Office of Engineer, Thirteenth District,
Portland, Oregon.,
May 7, 1895.

The Light-House Board,
Washington, D.C.

I have the honor to ask that authority be given for completing repairs at Cape Foulweather Light Station, Oregon, for which detailed estimates are submitted herewith, on form 83, the total amounting to $643.00 to be paid from Repairs, 1895.
The front of the dwelling has become so rotten that the rain leaks in around the window casings and cornerboards during every storm, and has already done much damage to the plastering, upon examination it was found that many of the studs and the floor joists near the wall have decayed and the rustic siding is in bad condition. It is proposed to renew the front of the dwelling and instead of the rustic covering to use cedar shingles. The plastering of the front walls inside will also have to be renewed, new window casings put on, and the sash and door refitted. The front rooms of

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