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Supported decayed joists on south side of 1” of 2” floors of Keeper’s dwelling with girders and posts. Replaced outside cellar doors. Commenced running Fog Signal during foggy weather- Inspected Station and made estimates for thorough renovation repairs.
Ediz Hook Lt Station, W.T.
Inspected Station & made rough plans & estimate for Repairs.
New Dungenness Lt Station, W.T.
Inspected Station, and made plans & estimates for work of c-reading Steam Fog Signal
Smith Island Lt Station, W.T.
Indspected & made estimates for repairs-
Admirarlty Head LH Station, W.T.
Inspected and made estimaties for thorough repairs, and rough plans.
Very respectfully,
Chairman Light-House Board, Henry M Robert
Washington DC Maj of Eng’rs & LH Eng’r
Thirteenth District

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