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Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District
Portland, Oregon, Sept 9, 1873

I have the honor to make the following Report of Operations for the month of August 1873.
Cape Foulweather Lt Station, Ogn
Completed work on Lt-House & lantern, instructed keepers to exhibited the light for the first time on the night of August 20”.
New Dungenness Lt Station, W.T.
Completed detail plans and estimates of fog signal house. Purchased materials and sent men in charge of Supt of repairs, to erect fog whistle. Make contract for boiler for Fog Signal.
Probable Operations for September
Commence building house and cistern. Complete transportation and hauling of material.
Admiralty Head Lt Station, W.T.
Probable operations for September. Commence painting dwelling.
Columbia River LH Station, Ogn
Begin building Road in September, if plan forwarded is approved by Light House Board.
Point no Point LH Station, W.T.
Begin in September building road and clearing land of heavy timber, if Report of April 30th is approved by the Light-house Board.
Very Respectfully,
Chairman Light-House Board, Henry M Robert
Washington DC Maj of Eng’rs & L.H. Eng’r

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