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Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District
Portland, Oregon, Dec 9, 1873

I enclose herewith for the information of Board, copy of a letter of the Hon J.H. Mitchell State Senator from Oregon, calling attention to the disposition on the part of the Light House Board to abolish the light at Yaquina Bay, Oregon. A copy of the letter of the Hon Ben Simpson on the same subject, transmitted with that of the Hon Mr. Mitchell is also enclosed.
In this connection I have the honor to report that accompanied by the Commodore Spotts, Inspector of Lights, I left this city December 4th hesitant, for the purpose of visiting Yaquina Bay with the view of reporting upon the expediency of discontinuing the light at that station, but arriving to the unprecedented snow storm was unable to proceed beyond Albany.
Very respectfully,
Lighthouse Engineer

Chairman Lighthouse Board
Washington City, DC

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