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Washington DC
Nov 28th 1873

My Dear Sir
Allow me to call to your attention a matter in which the people of Oregon, particularly those living in the vicinity of Yaquina Bay, in Benton County, are particularly interested.
I have reference to the continuance of the light situated at the mouth or entrance of the Bay. I have understood that there was some talk its discontinuance. I should as well as all there of that vicinity, regard such a course as operating deleterious to the shifting interests of that place. There are now four or five stores, and two lumbering mills on the Bay, all of which are dependent upon vessels to carry away their produce and bring their goods from San Francisco. Besides we have an extensive Oyster Bed, in the Bay of Yaquina, some four miles from its mouth from which considerable revenue has been derived from the people of that locality by shipping Oysters to San Francisco.

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