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The question may be asked what benefit can the light be to the trade. I could answer very great benefit for the following reasons.
In the first place its location particularly marks the channel or entrance to the Bay, the point being a very prominent one where the light is situated you can see it at a very great distance at sea, and by getting the highlands inside in range it could so mark the entrance that a vessel could run in in the night time without difficult, and another very important benefit it serves, it marks the end of a reef some distance out at sea, that extends from opposite Cape Foulweather to this point a distance of about four miles, running as you will see on Map of survey, about parallel with the shore. The rocks on this reef are almost bare at low tide. I have had a good opportunity to know something of the effect of this upon shipping to this point as I delivered most all the material for building light house at Cape Foulweather from San Francisco. We always entered inside the reef

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