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Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District
Portland, Oregon, January 7, 1874

In compliance with the directions of the Board contained in a Circular, dated December 7, 1873, in regard to the Titles to Lands and the papers ???cepary to lie forwarded to enable the Attorney General to establish their validity, the enclosed papers and maps relating to the Light House Sites in this District are submitted.
After a diligent search among the archives of this office, they are the only ones to be found having any bearing upon the subject. These relate only two of the several Stations, and to the only two at which Lighthouse have been constructed since this portion of the Pacific Coast was made into a separate District. It is to be questioned that if the Titles to the remaining sites are to be found at all, they may probably be among the Papers of the office of the Lighthouse Engineer of the 12th District, if not already on file in the Office of the Board. The following is an accumulation of the Papers and Maps to which reference has been made. This first is a copy of retained

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