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Office of the Light House Engineer
Thirteenth District
Portland, Oregon, February 21, 1874

In reply to the communication of the Board, dated February the 3rd, calling my attention to the fact that the copy of the Light House List, issued January 1st, 1873, sent to this Office for the purpose of corrections and to be returned on January 1st, 1874, had not been received, the following statement is respectfully made. My predecessor, Major Robert had no made up to the date of his being relieved, October 30th, any corrections in said List form Inspections made by him during the year, and that subsequent to my taking charge of this District no appointment has offered for making a detailed inspection of each of the Stations. In consequence the items in regard to each could not be carefully noted as directed by the Board, and no return of the same be made.
Upon taking charge of the new duties assigned me some of those connected with the Engineer Department called for

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