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No. 598 – Cape Foulweather
(3d) In July and Aug a new drain of 6 in fire clay pipe and 90 ft. long, was laid by the keepers from the vaults at dwelling to the bluff.
The kitchen sink drains, well trapped, were constructed with the new drain.
In Sept. and Oct. an apparatus for hoisting supplies and material from the beach to the top of the bluff was constructed opposite a sheltered cove affording a good boat landing on the southwest side of the Cape, about 1000ft from the light-house. The apparatus consist of a tramway, 3ft. wide and 130 ft. long, extending up the slope of the bluff, which is 85 ft. high, and a suitable car with geared winch at top. A snatch block was also provided for hauling up light loads with a team of horses. Steps were fitted between the sides of the tramway for convenience of passage.

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