light house, opposite a sheltered cove which affords the best boat landing at the Cape.
The tramway is in two sections; the upper part, about 100ft long, extending from the top of an isolated rock, near the foot, to the top of the bluff, 85 ft. above low water; the lower part, about 30 ft. long, extending from the top of the rock to the beach, and made movable so that it can be drawn up out of danger from the surf. The upper part has stairs fitted between the rails, and a short ladder is made to reach from the rock. The car is hoisted by a geared winch at the top of the bluff.
The cost as detailed in the estimate named is $267.50. This estimated, having been approved, the work is now being done.
Very respectfully, Your obedient Servant,
Chas F. Lowell
Captain Of Engrs., Engr. 13th L.H. Dist.

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