with returned you will find ???
Mr. Miller for cause; and that I entered into details as to what that cause was.

Nothing doubting the sanction of the Department, which it has given in like cases through my whole administration as Superintendent of Lights; and in accordance with the forms in blank furnished me by the Light House Board itself. I nominated Mr. Williams who has been many years a sea captain and whom I know to be thoroughly competent to fill the place.

Very respectfully
A. A. Smythe.
Supt of Lights

Admiral W.B. Shubrick
Chairman of the Light House Board.


Feb 13th, 1869

From Chairman L.H. Board Adml. W.B. Shubrick U.S.N

Relative to Petitions for lighting Pacific coast.

Sir: I have had the honor to receive the letter from Hon Z. Chandler, Chairman Committee on Commerce, United States Senate, with accompanying petitions, referred by you to this Board for report, and beg leave to submit the following statement:

1. In reference to petition for a Light House at Love Point, Kent Island, Chesapeake Bay - the necessity for a light at this place having been carefully considered, the Board included in its last estimate (now before Congress) an estimate of the sum required.

2. The Board has had under consideration

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