March 9, 1871 From Engineer Secretary Maj George H. Elliot U.S.A.

Yaquina Bay - title papers of _rel to_

Sir: _ I have the honor to transmit here - with title papers to a tract of land sold to the United States for Light House purposes at Yaquina Bay, Oregon, and to request that they may be transmitted to the Attorney General for his opinion regarding their validity.

The following is a list of the papers enclosed:
1. Deed from Sester P. Baldwin and Sophionia S. Baldwin to the United States.
2. Certified diagram of land purchased by Sester P. Baldwin from the United States.
3. Letter from Register of Land Office relative to patent fro Sester P. Baldwin.
4. Certificate of County Clerk of Benton County, Oregon.
5. Abstract of title to lands deeded to United States by Sester P. Baldwin and wife.
6. Letter from United States District Attorney for Oregon transmitting these papers.


Mrh 11, 1871 From Naval Secretary Adml. Thornton A. Jenkins

Req for funds ??? salaries clerks L.H. Bd

Sir: _ I have the honor to request that you will cause a warrant to be issued in favor of Thomas J. Hobbs, Disbursing Clerk, for the sum of Six hundred and sixty

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