Office, L.H. Engineer, 13th District,
Portland, Oregon,
2 (sic. Probably a mistroke) July, 18, 1871
Henry M. Robert
Maj. of Engr's & L.H. Eng'r, Thirteenth District.

Special Report in reference to proposed Light House at Cape Foulweather Oregon.
Ack. (acknowledged) reciept??? & return to desk
Answ'd August 19??? A.H.S.

In regard to (obscured) a drawing of modifications to LH. for Pigeon Pt ??? (obscured) July 3 / a LH 80 ft high above the ground & it will be sent you in a few days. -- It will be well for you to write to the contractor fm ^ your work for Pigeon Point LH not to destroy his patterns as you will ??? bids for Cape Foulweather or any early day (???). The floor plans will be sent you from the ??? by rail.


(upside down) 1 tracing in Draft Room (obscured)
13th District 2 Y.
19 Aug 1871

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Chloe Holbrook

I gave up mid way, this one is a doozy...