seven hundred feet of projection into the sea. The westernmost point of "Cape Foulweather" as recently named by the U.S.C.S. is seven (7) miles north of Yaquina Point where it is supposed to put the Light House (Col. Williamson gives the true bearing N 2 degrees 30' E.) As this bluff limits the angle of visibility to the North, a change in the location of the Light House of 700 feet to the East would diminish the angle of visibility about one degree and ten minutes - 1 degree 10'. The length of this arc subtending this angle at a distance of 22 miles from the Light House (15 miles from Foulweather Bluff) would be about 1500 feet. By sacrificing this much we can obtain a height of 120 feet for the base of our tower.

In your letter you say that Col Williamson says that a suitable site can be obtained with a height of 120 feet above the sea. He refers to the point recommended in my report which I put at 70 feet. The Colonel says he estimated the distance with an aneroid barometer. I had no instrument with me but knew that the coast survey had made a careful survey of the point in


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