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In conclusion then I would state, as in my report of July 18th, that Col. Williamson and I have agreed upon the site recommended in that report and upon the erection of a tower higher than fifty feet. The discrepancy in the measurements of the height of the point was not noticed by either and consequently not referred to. The Coast Survey made in 1868, a survey including Yaquina Point (formerly Cape Foulweather) giving the twenty feet curves from this point to Yaquina Bay, which I have taken as more accurate than any survey I could get made and as rendering unnecessary the expense of any survey - especially as while it being made Col. Williamson was in correspondence with Mr. Chase, who was in charge, in order to have him obtain all information useful for the Light House Department.

Very respectfully,

Your obedient servant,

Henry M. Robert

Maj. of Eng'rs & L.H. Eng'r,
Thirteenth District


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