Probable Work in November
Excavate for Tower. Finish Men's Quarters, Make Water Tanks and Sheds for Lime & Co.
Cape Hancock Light Station, Wash. Ter.
Continuation of Construction of Light Keeper's Dwelling

Probable Work in November
Completion of L.K. Dwelling

Cape Flattery Light Station, Wash. Ter.
Shipped all materials from Portland Port Townsend,& thence reshipped in part to Cape Flattery, where boiler was floated ashore, & balance of cargo landed by means of Indians & canoes. At last advices a severe storm had prevented the sailing of the vessel with balance of material. Commenced digging cisturn.

Probable Work in November
Such work will be done as the weather will permit.

New Dungenness Light Station, Wash. Ter.
Chimney-tops were shipped from Portland

Very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Henry M Robert
Maj. of Eng'rs & L.H. Eng'r
Thirteenth District


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