Saturday January  1, 1921

Saturday January 1, 1921

A beautiful day for January. We was all at home for dinner. Henry traded his wheel for type writer. He is carried a way with it. Ben and Josie went to Strait Stone late this evening. While they were gone Charles Harvey and Miss Virginia Moses come. They wanted the records for the phonogarapth. They was on their way to Lee Brumfield. Guess they will dance there tonight.

I ironed some today.

I thought this morning we would have a rainy day. It was partly cloudy and a plain rain bow. It rained a little and cleared off.

Ben or Josie one are typewriteing now.

8:30 oclock

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Sunday January  2, 1921

Sunday January 2, 1921

A good day. Ben and family staid at home all day. Some of them was workin the tipewriter about all the time. I got dinner then went to Marvins. They were eating dinner. They had bin to preaching at Strait Stone. Carrie and I walked over to Mr Hutchersons.

Mr & Mrs Hutcherson was not at home. We saw Willie Hutcherson & Frank Blair. Went to the grave yard then come home.

We have looked for Jim Brumfield all the evening but he has not come yet.

Ben Josie and the children are at the dining room eating a snack.

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Monday January  3, 1921

Monday January 3, 1921

A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Ben & Owin filled up a mud hole in the road. Ben broke his plow beam. Jim come at twelve. They put some tobacco in the pit.

Josie went to Marvins this morning and Carrie come here a little while this evening. She left all the children at home.

I ironed some this morning. Mended my blankets this evening.

Miss Eliza Carter called on Carrie this morning a few minutes. Charley Harvey brough Jim from Gretna this morning.

Henry went to Marvins to night.

8 oclock

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Tuesday January  4, 1921

Tuesday January 4, 1921

A good day. Ben and Jim stripped tobacco all day. Some of the neighbors worked the road. Josie went to George Blairs. Denia was gone to see Mrs Anderson. Josie said they was just as nice to her as could be. Ethel sent me a nice cup & sauser for a xmas gift.

We started a box to Effie Brumfield today. I hope she may get it ok.

The children went to school a gain today. Heard this morning that Clack Hubbards baby is very sick. I hope he may get well soon.

Julia Fergerson is still at home on account of her baby being bad off with a cough. I have bin reading tonight.

11 oclock

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Wednesday January  5, 1921

Wednesday January 5, 1921

A good day. Warm for January. It is turning cold tonight and the wind is blowing.

Ben cut feed at Mags to day. Jim stripped tobacco all day. Mr Owen had the team and helped Mr Dews move. The children went to school. Jim and Ben has bin at the barn tonight.

I have bin busy most of the day. I got breakfast and milked the cows. Boiled a hogs face for dinner and churned. Fixed up the butter. Finished getting dinner.

Went to Marvins a little while this evening. Carrie had washed today. Julia Fergerson went back to Portsmoth to day. Kate Hubbards baby is very sick.

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