Saturday, March 24, 1923




A good day. I got breakfast
and milked the cows.
Then Ben and Nellie and I
went to Straitstone.
We bought some things.
We come home and I got
dinner. Oscar and Effie
and Hellen and Hilda
and Miss Finch come
for some flowers. They
would not stay for dinner.
After dinner Ben and I
went to Gretna. Come
home by Johns Saw Tenier
a few minutes then went
to Curries. Found them all
well. Got a lot of turnip
greens. Got home o.k.
Nellie had made her
a dress and killed a
chicken. Dressed it.
Lelia Ward churned
while I was gone.
Henry is sick tonight.

Notes and Questions

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The phrase "Johns Saw Tenier" appears at the end of a line just below the middle of the page. I find nothing in the wood notes about this and I don't recognize the term tenier nor do I find it in on-line dictionaries.

Ben Brumfield

I'm pretty sure that that's "Come home by John's. Saw Tenia a few minutes then went to Carrie's."

"Tenia" is short for "Christina", which she habitually spells "Christenia". There's an interesting analog to her spelling "Dena" (Ardena Blair) as "Denia" -- one wonders how she pronounced the names.