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Dear wife and Children I take this opportunity
of In forming [informing] you that Myself and Peter Peter J. Brown is well hoping
these few lines may find you all the same I Rec [received] a few
Days since a letter from amos monsen Amos Monsen & Catherine & at
the same time one from my father with a bill of
laden for thirty six tierees of Butter which Makes three
three one dated May 29th 1850 & one dated June 29th 1850
& one dated Auguts 24th 1850 firs. 14 & 28, & 36. making
in all that I have Received billls of laden for up to
this time 78 which as I thought was all that you have
sent up to this time I Received Your letter some time a
go [ago] & Catharine's which I notied [noted] in a former letter which
I am Inhopes [in hopes] you have received which if it gives you
as much Pleashure [pleasure] to Recive [receive] as it does me it is a loss
to have them lost By the way I also Recived [received] one from
Nicholas & have written one this mail to my father and
mother & my Brother Peter & Also one to Abert I write to
you Evry [every] mail hoping you may receive them and
I am Inhopes [in hopes] that you may write so I can receive
letters as often Peter Received a letter from Delia a
few days ago my health now is quite good when I
was on the istmus [isthmus] my home weight when I started was
about 200 pounds when I was on the Istmas [Isthmus] I was not well
and weight got down to 170 or less & I was not well in
sometime after I rived [arrived] But now I am well my weight
is 180 and over something like my home weight at this time
of Year But never mind I am here if nothing turns more
than I Know of at present I shall Remain here a

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