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a while yet none of the Butter has arrived yet But
I Expect some soon But how soon I cannot tell just while
I am writing this line they are telling about a steam
Boat being Blowen [blown] up in sanfrancisco San Francisco where I am this
night which Blown up about six oclock [o'clock] and said to be
Sixty lives lost I Expect to write to amos monsen Amos Monsen this
mail I was verry [very] glad to hear that the children had got
well of the fever and ague & that you was all well and
doing well he said that sister Jane had been quite
sick But gitting [getting] Better which was Pleast [pleased to] hear & munsen [Munsen]
Said that he had Renewed the Insurance on our busisness [business]
for 2250 for Building stock furniture & which
is a good thing tell Nicholas N Ryersen Nicholas N Ryerson that I write this
line for you and him Both and all the rest I shant rite [write]
any secrets in it so you can show it to all the frinends [friends]
to let them Know that I am among the land of the living
if any of your friends Enquire why I do not give more
a description of the country tell them to write to me what
they wish me to write for I have given in my letters my
travels in calaforna California me and peter Peter J. Brown is doing quite well
Just now But how long it will continue time will
tell I am Inhopes [in hopes] that Nicholas has sent all of the Butter according
to contract & if it comes out here in good order it
will make some money I sent in Adams Express line
some time a go [ago] 30 ounces of gold dust directed to Nicholas
N Ryerson
which he can git [get] at the goshen [Goshen] Bank which
I Expect he has Received before this time I want Nicholas
to send a Bill of the whole cost of the Butter with his Expences [expenses]
and all & tell him to write for I have to Write

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