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to Each one It makes a [paper torn] of writing so they must
Excuse me any how till they write to me I dont [don't] wish any more
Butter Sent after this season is out for if it was Sent I cold [could]
not come home in one Year to come for you may see the first
lot of this season is not there yet and the last will not arrive
Before next spring. I may git [get] two [too] tired of calaforna California to
stay here more than one Year longer as to the situation
of the People under my Eye here is some that makes a few thousand
dollars By mining verry [very] soon & more that mak [make] it in trading
when men are Poor and sick in this country it is a hard
country which Just at this time it is quite sickly some
Cholra [Cholera] & disentarys [dysentery] disentary [dysentery] is a common complaint
in this Country when you write let me hear how Isaac
& his family gets along & Jane Forese and all the neghbors [neighbors]
let my ams have this letter to read often and hanah [Hanah]
so they donot forget me and Nights when you go to bed
You Kiss all the children for me and tell Jane to
do the same when I write I cannot give much derections [directions]
what to do for amos [Amos] for you must do the best you can
and I will do the same the last letter I rit [wrote] I sent an order
der for Eve A Martin to git [get] some papers of Mr Brown – which
I am In hopes he has Received tell all to write and direct
their letters to sacremento Citty Calaforna Sacramento City, California when you write
write how you git [get] along & all the neigbors [neighbors] Remember Uncle
Joseph Carmen & Also Your Mother & Uncle John & Mathew
& all for I have not heared [heard] from them by you or any of the rest
Each one can use a pen to write I think But I have No More room
So I must stop at this Mail November 1st 1850 but Remain
a friend to all and your affectionate Husband

John N. Ryerson

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