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Sacremento Citty Calaforna Sacramento City, California Nov 30th 1850

Dear Wife I Write you a few lines to let you Know that
I am well hoping thesse [these] few lines may find you all the same
I went to the post office Evry [every] mail Expecting to fend [find] letters
from you or some of you I have Expected letters from some of your
Sisters husbands But have Received But on from your own
hand and none from paterson Paterson, New York I have written two or three to
Paterson and have Received none and have made up my
mind to write no more to them without they write to me
I was Informed By Alletter [a letter] to William Hunter from Peter Browns [Brown's] sister
& Also By John Brons [John Brown's] letter to Peter & also By delias [Delia's] letter to Peter
& all of you or some of you should have written to me or
some of the paterson [Paterson] folkes [folks] the sorrowfull [sorrowful] news comes to me
from letters written to others which I think some of you should
have taken time to write to me amediately [immediately] that my Daughter
Anna Was Dead and buried the lord must have his Will
he gave her to me and has taken her away from me in my
life time [lifetime] so all we all can say is we must follow for we
cannot stay his hand But It would have been more satisfaction
to me to have seen her fase [face] once more before she was laid in the
dust but it maybe the lord has blest her and if so we not complain
for this World is nothing But vexation and troubble [trouble] so I shall
not Complain for it will do no good I should have written
to paterson [Paterson] this mail But will not till I Receive letters from
there Peter Brown & Myself have Been quite Well of late But
It has been verry [very] sickly In this country till a few Days past
here has been hundreds that has fawlen [fallen] here with cholria [cholera] but
me and peter [Peter] has Kept right on with our Buisness as though
nothing was the matter I Never had Death than I now have

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