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And Peter Peter J. Brown Also Our Buisness [business] appears to look quite prosperrous [prosperous]
as yet none of the Butter has arrived here yet But I think it will
soon for it Begins to be time and if all arrives here safe it will
make something nice I think as soon as the Butter arrives I will
let you Know I have written & Written for Nicholas to send me the
Bills of all the cost and weight of all the Butter and told him
to so so Before I started but I have received the bills of Laden
But no Invoice of cost and expences [expenses] and weight &c [etc.] which I am Inhopes [in hopes]
I will Recive [receive] soon tell Nicholas not to send any thing here
for I could not tell him what to send to make money on it Except
Butter But I dont want any sent only what you have
sent for I want to come home some time within a year from
this time so when I take a notion to come home I dont [don't] Want
to have anything in the way poor Butter is cheap her [here] But good
Butter fetches a good prise [price] Just as I told you I thought is was before
I stared [started] from home so if the Butter Was Packt [packed] and managed
Just as I directed it will do well I suppose nicholas [Nicholas] has Recd [received]
the 30 ounces of dust I sent to the goshen [Goshen] Bank the Butter you
make next season sell and take care of the money as soon
as the Butter arrives I will the money home and make all

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