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but I think we will get out without
a loss we or Charles has sold most
of the lot that Came to day [today] at
8 1/2 it is not delivered yet I have
seed [seen] no money on it yet and all
we have is about 35 sacks of first
lot, if you have a chance to let
what you have in hand slide at
cost – let it go for this market I
think is full. sweet potatos will
bring 7 1/2 & 8 Island in demand at
4 1/2 & 4 3/2 our lot is geting [getting] low if
you can get good ones buy semore [some more]
but get Clean of the barley below
if you can, if not send up our
part and we will put it of [off] as
fast as we can I like the flour
and pork speculatier best at the
present prices I have been offered a
Choice lot of Clean pork at 11 for 1/2 &
6 for 1/4, if you can better is it is safe
a few more good yelou [yellow] lazed hang if

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