Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project



Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project

The Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi project (CWRGM) is digitizing, transcribing, and annotating the nearly 20,000 documents in the state's governors' collections for the long Civil War era. Because 19th century Americans of all backgrounds contacted their governors about everything imaginable, these collections are invaluable to our understanding of how diverse groups of people experienced and responded to this revolutionary era. CWRGM spans nine administrations that begin in 1859 amid discussions of secession, Union, and abolition. They continue through the Civil War revealing perspectives on military campaigns, armed occupation, and the revolutionary changes brought by emancipation. As the collection moves through Reconstruction, the papers reveal the hopes, challenges, and failures of the era. CWRGM purposely extends through the first term of Governor John Marshall Stone (1876-1882) to ensure that scholars, teachers, students, and the public can study the impact of the collapse of Reconstruction-era policies that sought to protect the rights of all Mississippians.

CWRGM is a partnership between the Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH), the Mississippi Digital Library (MDL), and the History program at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). It receives significant grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (National Archives), and the Watson-Brown Foundation, with additional support provided by the USM Office for Research, MDAH, MDL, and the USM Dale Center for the Study of War & Society.

Before you begin transcribing, please watch this short training video via the following link: CWRGM Transcription Tutorial Video

To view CWRGM's transcription protocols, please follow the link: CWRGM Protocols

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