United States--War Department. Adjutant-General's Office



The Adjutant General’s Office, originally the Adjutant General’s Department, was the administrative and personnel support branch of the United States Army during the Civil War. Dating back to the American Revolutionary War, the importance of the office grew through the efforts of several highly effective administrators who increased the role of adjutants to have vital roles in military headquarters. By the Civil War, Adjutants General were authorized to communicate on behalf of Army commanders. The office oversaw the organization of more than 500,000 new soldiers during the massive expansion of the U.S. military at the start of the Civil War, and helped facilitate the discharge of more than 800,000 soldiers at the end of the conflict. (Wikipedia)

See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army_Adjutant_General%27s_Corps

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