Mississippi--Warren County. Vicksburg



Located in Warren County, Mississippi, Vicksburg was founded under the name Fort Nogales as early as 1790 in what was then unincorporated territory. In 1798, upon creation of Mississippi Territory, it was renamed Walnut Hills. On April 1, 1799, Walnut Hills became part of the newly created Pickering County (later renamed Jefferson County on January 10, 1802), until the creation of Claiborne County on January 26, 1802. It then became part of its current county of Warren on December 21, 1809. Upon its incorporation on January 29th, 1825, it was renamed Vicksburg. Vicksburg became the county seat in 1836 and remains today. (Rowland, Mississippi, 858; Wikipedia; Britannica; Atlas of Historical County Boundaries)

See also: https://archive.org/details/mississippicomp00rowlgoog/page/858/mode/2up

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