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Status: Complete

Year: 1930

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Walter Ware 1643 W. Lanvale St Provident Hospital F.C. Link 30 Mar. 2 Laura Frazier 620 Cider St Laura Frazier Stab wound, Hemorrhage
Zachariah White 1035 W. Lexington St 1035 W. Lexington St. Chas. H. Brooks 57 Mar. 5 Mary White 1035 W. Lexington St Mary White Chronic myocarditis
Mary J. Hargrove 1422 W. Mulberry St 34 Newbury Ave Catonsville Md C.L. Mattfelett 58 Feb 5 Rosie Flourney 1422 W Mulberry St Rosie Flourney Valvular Heart Disease
Elizabeth Crane 921 Wilmer Court 921 Wilmer Court W. Novelle 48 Mar. 6 Katie Williams (Undertaker) Pulmonary Edema
John Weston 364 W. Biddle St 346 or 364 W. Biddle St H.K. Pettel 55 Mar. 4 Lucy Weston Campbell 364 W. Biddle St Lucy Weston Campbell cerebral Hemorrhage
Philip Johnson 929 S. Sharp St 929 S. Sharp St C.H. Fowler 55 Mar. 6 Mary Johnson 929 S. Sharp St Mary Johnson Asthma
Mary Blackwell 1350 N. Calhoun St 1350 N. Calhoun St F.C. Link 41 Mar. 7 Rachel Sarah Jennings Jones 1350 N. Calhoun St Sarah Jones Cerebral Hemorrhage
William C. Conway 132 W. Hughes St 132 W. Hughes St D.W. Carroll 43 Mar. 8 Hester Emerson 710 S Charles St Hester Emerson Broncho Pneumonia
Gertrude Potter Easton Md. Easton Md. A.M.C. Stevens 45 Feb. 13 Clarence Potter 136 Hammondtown Easton Md. Clarence Potter acute myocarditis
Henry Coulburn Crisfield Md Crisfield Md W.J. Barkley 54 Mar. 9 Chas. E. Hearn Crisfield Md Chas. E. Hearn Cerebral Hemorrhage & Paralysis
James Smothers 216 N. Caroline St 216 N. Caroline St Geo. S. Allen 63 Mar. 14 Elizabeth Lizzie Smothers 216 N. Caroline St Elizabeth Lizzie Smothers Croupous Pneumonia
Wm H. Hill 1413 Myrtle Ave Provident Hospital G. McDonald 41 Mar. 13 Susie Hill 1413 Myrtle Ave Susie Hill Pneumonia
Rosa Fowler 1010 N. Mosher St Crownsville State Hospt. G.H. Tanhert 23 Mar. 13 Mary Brooks 1010 Mosher St Mary Brooks Tubercular Peritonitis
Henry Coulburn Crisfield Md. Crisfield Md. W.J. Barkley 54 Mar. 9 Fuller Selby Crisfield Md Fuller Selby Cerebral Hemorrhage, Paralysis
Wm Brown Sr. Windsor Va Providence Windsor Va W. Tillson 61 Mar. 5 William Brown Jr. 2103 McCulloh St William Brown Jr. Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Thomas Saunders 131 W. All Saint St 131 W. All Saint St. Frederick Md. W.G. Bourne 56 Mar. 7 Delia Saunders 131 W. All Saint St Delia Saunders Cerebral apoplexy
Raymond Woodard 951 Walnut St 951 Walnut St. C.J. Keller 38 Mar. 13 Mary Woodward 1141 Wilmer St Mary Woodward arthritis
Nettie Chase 1711 W. Lanvale St. Mercy Hospital O.M. Reinhardt 32 Mar. 12 Wm Chase 1711 W Lanvale St Wm Chase Septicemia
Lessie Rich Ross 2530 Madison Ave John Hopkins Hospt. J.S.H. Potter 30 Mar. 8 Drucilla Rich Wamsley P.O. Va Drucilla Rich Peritonitis
Jerry M. Locker Bells Mill Va Bells Mill Va L.L. Sampson 69 Mar. 8 Hattie Corbin 1011 Bennett Place Hattie Corbin Pneumonia
Olivia Wythe 513 Calhoun St 513 N. Calhoun St B. Hatcher 25 Mar. 6 John Wyche 513 N. Calhoun St John Wyche Pulmonary Phthsis
Mary Carter 313 N. Mount St 313 N. Mount St Norwood 40 Mar. 18 James Carter 313 N. Mount St James Carter Cancer of womb
Annie Brown 527 East St City Hospital G.C. Blades 65 Mar. 15 James Mosely 527 East St James Mosely Broncho Pneumonia
Chas. E. Bell 1302 Laurens St Balt. City Hospital M.M. McLean 52 Mar. 16 Lena Bell 1302 Laurens St. Lena Bell myocarditis
Floyd C. Watts 1429 Argyle Ave South Balto. Hospital E.A. Latsinger 38 Mar. 19 A. Geneva Watts 7429 Argyle Ave A. Geneva Watts mengio- encephalitis

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