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Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Alverta Proctor 920 Argyle Ave 920 Argyle Ave F.C. Link 55 Mar. 20 William Proctor 920 Argyle Ave William Proctor myocarditis
Charles Moore 213 N. Carrollton Ave 213 N. Carrollton Ave Shepherd Davis 50 Mar. 20 Mable Jones 917 Wilmer Court Mable Jones cardiac Insufficiency
Charles Campbell 728 N. Carey St 728 N. Carey St C.M. Lawrence 6 Mar. 20 Susie Wilson 902 Warner St Susie Wilson Broncho Pneumonia
Emma Jackson 204 S. Bethel St Md. St. San. Henryton Md. John E. O'Neil 24 Mar. 20 Annie R. Rice 204 S. Bethel St Annie R. Rice Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Francis Bates 440 W. Conway St 440 W. Conway St W.J. Jackson 47 Mar. 23 Henry Parks 440 W. Conway St Henry Parks carcenomita of Uterus
Wm H. Butler Jr. 214 N. Gilmore St Balto. City Hospital L.V. Lumpkin 25 Mar. 24 Wm Geneva Butler Sr Butler 214 N. Gilmore St 1938 White St Wm H. Butler Sr Broncho Pneumonia
Edna J. Disney 615 W. Mulberry St So. Balto. Gen'l Hospt F.W. Gillis 34 Mar. 21 Ralph Disney 615 W. Mulberry St Ralph Disney myocardial Failure
Mary Griffin 237 N. Carlton St 237 N. Carlton St. F.C. Link 36 Mar. 24 Florine Smith 237 N. Carlton St Florine Smith Lobar Pneumonia
Mary L. Layne 754 Bradley St John Hopkins Hospt. 45 Mar. 20 Bettie Lee 754 Bradley St Bettie Lee Sarcoma general debility, Surgical Shock
Benj. Gross 232 Amity St 232 N. Amity St D. Franklin 58 Mar. 26 William M. Rawlings 736 N. Carrollton Ave William M. Rawlings cancer of Bladder
Hilda Tolson 716 W. Lafayette Ave 716 W. Lafayette Ave J.C. Stewart 11 Mar. 20 Perry S. Tolson 716 W. Lafayette Ave Perry S. Tolson Lobar Pneumonia
Shedrick Waddy Regina Va Regina Va M. Callaham 55 Mar. 26 Ada Walker 1721 N. Calhoun St Ada Walker Pneumonia
Mary E. Carter 624 Sarahann St 624 Sarahann St. E. Zeller 50 Feb. 18 Pauline Plater 109 N. Arch St Pauline Plater Chronic nephritis
Alice Hall 1073 W. Lexington St 1073 W. Lexington St C.H. Fowler 50 Mar. 28 James A. Hall 1073 W. Lexington St James A. Hall Pneumonia
Harry Holmes 1620 W. Mulberry St Balto. City Hospital M.M. McLean 60 Mar. 30 Lillian Wake 632 George St Lillian Wake Arteriosclerosis
Harry Cornish 914 St Barnabas Ct. 914 St Barnabas Ct. F.C. Link 41 Apr. 1 Lizzie Hill 1137 Carrollton Ave Lizzie Hill acute Indigestion
Thomas Lewis 713 Newark City Hospital Geo. L. McCarthy 44 Mar. 5 Mary Smith & Jas. Carter 744 W. Franklin St 713 W. Franklin St Mary Smith James Carter Chronic myocarditis, Chronic nephritis
Ella Bevans 811 Wilbert Ave Wilson Park 811 Wilbert Ave Wilson Park C.H. Fowler 52 Mar. 29 Charles Bevans 811 Wilbert Ave Wilson Park Charles Bevans Paralysis
Joseph Dixon 813 Edmondson Ave Provident Hospt. F.C. Link 42 Mar. 6 Della Briscoe 813 Edmondson Ave Della Briscoe Cerebral Hemorrhage
Nancy Russell Skipwith Va Skipwith Va C.H. Saunders 55 Feb. 10 Corer Hawkins 653 W Lee St Corer Hawkins arterio Schlerosis
Ida King Selby 4526-13th St. N.W. Wash. D.C. Gallinger Municipal Hospt Wash. D.C. E.A. Bocock 55 Mar. 11 Joshua Selby 4526-13th St N.W. Joshua Selby myocarditis with Insufficiency
Henry Johnson Millington Md. Millington Md. J.W. Stack 73 Mar. 15 Emma Wiggins Millington Md Emma Wiggins myocarditis
Peter Barnes 916 Carrollton Ave University Hospital G.J. France 35 Apr. 2 Dina Barnes 916 Carrollton Ave Dina Barnes Fractured Skull, concussion chest
Henry Parker 1239 Jefferson St. Provident Hospital C.M. St Clair 50 Apr. 3 Plina Parker 1239 Jefferson St Plina Parker Lobar Pneumonia
Minor Brewer 61 Bond Ave Reisterstown Md J.F. Miller 59 Apr. 3 George Brewer 61 Bond Ave Reistertown Md George Brewer acute Dil of heart

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