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Status: Complete

Year: 1931

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
James A. Wright 783 George St 783 George St J.R. Coasey 34 Mar 8 Gertrude Wright 1528 N. Mount St Gertrude Wright gastic Carcinomia
Henry Parke 657 W. Lee St Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 42 Mar 8 Sallie Parke 657 W. Lee St Sallie Parke Chronic Rheumatism, myocardial failure acute
Hattie Eady 833 McKim St 833 McKim St J.E. Thomas 53 Mar 10 Lottie Taylor 833 McKim St Lottie Taylor Lobar Pneumonia
Peter Agulhas 1003 W. Lafayette Ave 1003 W. Lafayette Ave H.K. Pettekan 38 Mar 12 Emma Agulhas 1003 W. Lafayette Ave Emma Agulhas Cerebral Hemorrhage
Ella Singleton 1710 Vine St 1710 Vine St F E Wagnor 48 Mar 11 Charles Singleton 1710 Vine St Charles Singleton Lobar Pneumonia
James E Brooks Jesterville Md Jesterville Md A. Field 80 Mar 5 Roxsie Roxanna Brooks Jesterville Md Roxanna Brooks Pneumonia
Myrtle Butler Worton Md Worton Md W. Richmond 39 Mar 10 Robert Butler Worton Md Robert Butler Pulmonary Phthsis
Rachel Carter Stormont Va Stormont Va M.E. Toney 50 Mar 7 Malinda Lewis 1809 Lauretta Ave Malinda Lewis Lobar Pneumonia
Alice M. Ross 2435 Woodbrooke Ave Md. St. San. Henryton Md Jas. E. Oneil 20 Mar 13 Bernard Ross 2435 Woodbrook Ave Bernard Ross Pulmonary Tuberculosis
James Hayward Somerset Co. Alms house Alms House Somerset Md. T.B. Whaley 65 Mar 8 Lillian Toney Crisfield Md Lillian Toney myocardial Failure
Irvin Curry 1516 Jefferson St 1516 Jefferson St G.S. Allen 37 Mar 14 Annie Howard 1516 Jefferson Annie Howard Curry Pulmonary Edema
Shadnick Dilber 1422 N. Mount St 1422 N. Mount E. Wm. Frey 53 Mar 18 Kesley Dilber 1103 Laurens St Kesley Dilber Chronic Valvular Heart Disease
Shadenick Dilber 1422 N. Mount St 1422 N. Mount E. Wm. Frey 53 Mar 18 Ossie Dilber 539 Gold St Ossie Dilber Chronic Valvular Heart Disease
Dina Lecount 430 N. Dallas St Balto. City Hospt Paul Padget 38 Mar 18 Annie Bennett 430 N. Dallas St Annie Bennett Lobar Pneumonia
Jesse Coates Solley Md Solley Md Z.A. Breit 53 Mar 19 Georgie A. Coates Solley Md Georgie A. Coates Lobar Pneumonia
Ellis Caulk 1715 Mosher St 1715 Mosher St J.T. Gunn 56 Mar 19 Maggie Caulk 1715 Mosher St Maggie Caulk Broncho Pneumonia
John T. (Morton) Martin 1021 S. Sharp St 1021 S. Sharp St J. Guy Bowley 60 Mar 20 Bessie (Reynolds) Randall 302 N. Carey St Bessie Randall Mitral Regurgitation
John T. (Morton) Martin 1021 S. Sharp St 1021 S. Sharp St J. Guy Bowley 60 Mar 20 Maud Johnson 302 N. Carey St Maud Johnson Mitral Regurgitation
Eliza Rollings 412 N. Fremont Ave 412 N. Fremont Ave C.H. Fowler 57 Mar 21 Sadie Rollings 412 N. Fremont Ave Sadie Rollings Heart Failure
Mullen Sterling 410 Borns' Ct. 410 Borns' Ct. Ger. W. [Lautenrade?] 41 Mar 21 Lola Harris 331 E. 23rd St. Lola Harris nephritis Exhaustion
Mary E. Anderson 1920 Mad. Ave Balto. City Hospt. F.M. Duckwall 36 Mar 17 Grant Anderson 1101 McCulloh St Grant Anderson Broncho Pneumonia
[Arena?] Monroe 614 N. Carrollton Ave 614 N. Carrollton Ave B. Fargo 54 Mar 24 Clifton Seeney 801 D. Hill Ave Clifton Seeney Interstitial nephritis
Rachel Dyson 1120 Sarah Ann St 1120 Sarah Ann St H.S. McCard 69 Mar 25 Cornelius Smith 1120 D. Hill Ave Cornelius Smith Chronic nephritis
Laura Wright 1417 Brunt St 1417 Brunt St B.M. Rhetta 52 Jan 20 Pricilla Goldsburg 506 St. Marys St Pricilla Goldsburg Pneumonia
Henry Ware 723 Dolphin St Mercy Hospital W.M. Warman 30 Mar 22 Ida Taylor 728 Dolphin St Ida Taylor Lobar Pneumonia

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