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Status: Complete

Year: 1931

Name of Deceased: First and Middle Name of Deceased: Last Address of Deceased Place of Death Physicians Name: First and Middle Physicians Name: Last Age at Death (Year) Date of Death (Month) Date of Death (Day) Name of Beneficiary: First and Middle Name of Beneficiary: Last Address of Beneficiary To Whom Paid: First and Middle To Whom Paid: Last Cause of Death
Arthur Jackson 824 S. Sharp St 824 S. Sharp St J.A. Coasey 48 Mar 28 Rosa Jackson 824 S. Sharp St Rosa Jackson Cardiac Dilatation
Maggie Henson 2104 D. Hill Ave 2104 D. Hill Ave W.H. Cargill 56 Mar 26 Summerfield Henson 2104 D. Hill Ave Summerfield Henson Interstitial nephritis
Lena Gantt 1357 Whatcoat St Balto. City Hospital Paul Padget 48 Mar 23 Richard J. Gantt Deceased P. Morton Chase Undertaker Chronic Endocarditis, Broncho Pneumonia
Martha Brinkley 846 Whites Ave Norfolk Va 846 Whites Ave Norfolk Ave J.A. Byers 56 Mar 24 Mary Howard 713 Hanover St Mary Howard Cerebral apoplexy
Otho Callaman 650 Dover St 650 Dover St Eugene Zellnell 12 Mar 28 Mary Callaman 1000 [Naruli?] St Mary Callaman sudden
John Turner Wyman's Estate Wyman's Estate Geo. L. Hall 71 Mar 24 Juanita Ford 819 Whatcoat St Juanita Ford nephritis
Hilda Oliver 919 Argyle Ave 919 Argyle Ave J.C. Carper 31 Mar 28 Wm Oliver 919 Argyle Ave Georgia Townsend Mother Double Lobar Pneumonia
Henrietta Jackson 607 N. Nadenia St 607 N. Chapel St J. Edw. Fisher 75 Mar 29 Daniel Jackson 607 N. [Madenia?] St Daniel Jackson apoplexy
Nellie Reed 326 Worsley St 326 Worsley St L. Johnson 38 Mar 29 Clara Giles 324 Worsley St Clara Giles Chronic Vavula Heart Disease
Emma Branson Laura Grove Md near Oakville L.B. Johnson 45 Feb 20 Anna Woods 1520 Presstman St Anna Woods Diabetes Pneumonia
Annie E. Newton 1406 Myrtle Ave 1406 Myrtle Ave T.J. Woolridge 64 Mar 31 Cynthia Newton Hayes 1406 Myrtle Ave Cynthia Newton Hayes Cardio Valvular Disease
Lewis Weathers 1316 Small St 1316 Small St F.C. Link 42 Mar 30 Vernita Weathers 1316 Small St Vernita Weathers Lobar Pneumonia
Martha Anderson Camp Parole Md Camp Parole Md W.H. Hopkins 62 Mar 20 Grace Parker Diggs Camp Parole Md Grace Parker Diggs myocarditis
John W. Tyson 226 N. Pine St 226 N. Pine St J. Crasey 70 Apr 27 Susie E. Tyson 1611 Penna Ave Susie E. Tyson Gangrene of foot
Amanda Carberry 2572 McCulloh St 2572 McCulloh St J.J. Morrissey 72 Apr 1 Mary Carberry 2572 McCulloh Mary Carberry Valvular heart disease
Amanda Carberry 2572 McCulloh St 2572 McCulloh St J.J. Morrissey 72 Apr 1 Mary Chase 2572 McCulloh Mary Chase Valvular heart disease
Charles W. Hughes 2125 1/2 McCulloh St Provident Hospital George McDonald 52 Apr 1 Katie Rhoades 2125 1/2 McCulloh St Katie Rhoades Chronic nephritis
Levi Fellman 1640 E. Monument St 1640 E. Monument St J. Edw. Fisher 55 Apr 5 George Fellman 1640 E. Monument St George Fellman apoplexy
Daisy O Brien 1505 N. Dallas St 1505 N. Dallas St R.J. Young 39 Apr 3 Marie O Brien 1505 N. Dallas St Marie O Brien Chronic Parenchynactions nephritis
D.J. Jones 1526 E Monument St 1529 E. Monument St R.J. Young 59 Apr 7 Chris Johnson 416 N. Caroline St Chris Johnson Cerebral Hemorrhage
Henry Thomas 1207 Whatcrat St Provident Hospital F.C. Link 27 Apr 6 Rachel Robinson 1317 N. Mount St Rachel Robinson Lobar Pneumonia
Jennie V. Bell 437 W. Biddle St 437 W. Biddle St A. Lee Ellis 53 Feb 18 Robert Bell 437 W. Biddle St Robert Bell arterio Sclerosis
George Tucker 745 Dolphin St 745 Dolphin St J.C. Stewart 68 Apr. 8 Rachel Tucker 745 Dolphin St Rachel Tucker acute nephritis
Barney Lylens Kemptown Md Near Kemptown Md E.P. Roap 55 Jan 18 Estelle Snowden Tennie Snowden Hughes acute alcoholism
John Smith 1848 Eagle St 1848 Eagle St Benj. Miller 31 Apr 10 Jennie Smith 1848 Eagle St. Jennie Smith acute Cardiac Dilatation

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