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to be put on short allowance -
Our friends in Baltimore have been in a
good deal of trouble this winter. Charles
Grinnell has been obliged to give up his
business in B. and has gone into business
in Boston. has been there him self for some
time and expects to remove his family
in the sixth month. They will regret
exceedingly to leave their large and agreable
circle of friends, meeting, an excellent
physician Dr. Thomas who is almost a daily vis-
itor &c. Sister R. has been much better
this winter, she thinks her visit to New
England was of great benefit to her - but
Anna is still an invalid. Brother Sam-
son's family are in pretty good health, he has
had a very severe cold for two weeks past
and it has increased his cough, which is al-
ways troublesome and Mary Anna is afflicted
with rheumatism - our family are in usual
health - I expect I am some like Thyself,
far from well but keep at work most of
the time. I believe Moses Beede has been
pretty comfortable this winter but has not
been out much for some little time past. E
Meader called here a few days since she
is pretty well - Joseph and the girls join
me in much love to Thee and all Thy fam-
ily - I remain affectionately Thy cousin H.F. P.

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22d The funeral took place yesterday - the house was about full Gilbert spoke
and Dr [Tobey?] said a few words at the close -

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Providence 4th mo 20/64

Dear Cousin Rachel

I was very glad to receive
Thy letter this morning and embrace The
earliest opportunity to answer it as I wish
to inform Thee of our recent affliction - about
a month since our brother Reuben left here
in good health and spirits to go to Memphis
to attend to some business - and immediately on
his arrival There was taken sick with Ery-
sipelas in his face and head, and after twelve
days of severe suffering The spirit took its
flight and left The clay tenement to rest.
He was entirely among strangers in That
distant city , with The exception of one gentle
whom he had known here - he however took
letters to some persons There, and They were
extremely kind and attentive, and have assured
us that he lacked nothing that could have
conduced to his comfort or the relief of
the disease if it had been in human power
to have relieved it - These assurances and

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I think I could get along with Richmond stationary better than the
prison fare

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