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called on me. We called in a Druggists
named Bartlett, a friend of his (& quite a
character too) from whom I got a few medicines
I had neglected to take with me. Mr Sirius
(James Forbes's friend) came down to the quay
with me & saw me off. Smith, Barry's Clerk
came along with me as far as the "Candia"
which was laying 2 miles down the river.
A great crowd had collected on the quay to see
us off, being quite a military time out on
board. they gave us three cheers as we
turned off & steamed down the river
We came in view of the Candia & a fine
looking vessel it is only lying rather low
in the water this is owing to the heavy stock
on board as they do not intend to stop at
the Cape if it can be avoided. We got
on board every is beautifully fitted up the
Saloon is very handsome I should think
80 feet long & 18 broad very handsomely
fitted up we stayed about 2 hours before
setting sail the steamer which had

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