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Standing sometime he had again dropped. while
there the capt. came & ordd. an injection (the bowel
had been moved in the morning) The injection
was made Coop Oat Meal & 2 pints warm water.
I made the remark [written above: to the groom] when you wish to clear
the bowels thoroughly give a very lge quantity of
liquid at least a bucketful. The Capt. replied
sharply (do not mind him) alluding to me. I do not
want your advice. I replied that I had
mentioned yesterday I should give my advice
whether ot was received or not. the Capt. re-
plied that if I dared to do so without his
permission he would send me to my cabin
to which I replied very well I shall go.
he then said Leave my Quarterdeck.
I said no one can dispute your authority
on board your own ship & at once
obeyed the order. I sent Joe to request
an interview which was refused.
This afternoon signalled a large
steamer evidently from Ceylon
& from her course E supposed

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