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at intervals of 1/2 an hour. 2 or 3 hard
squalls. pilot cam on board about
9 oclock both shipd being hove to. knocked
about all night good stiff squalls at
intervals. Went to bed at 11 oclock

Monday June 29th. 1858

Got under weigh between 7 & 8 this
morning passed a good many ships
in tow of steamers a good stiff breeze
blowing from the westward.
Saugor Island sighted at 11 oclock
What news will there be in Calcutta
from home I am almost afraid to think
God grant that all may be well
(pilot Lord) News from India still
fighting Sir Colin in disrepute
(still in the daudrums) sitting opposite
the Capt. at 12 oclock writing this he
calls for some Mth. Asks pills to take
some pains he has had
blew a stiff squall from the N.W. this
afternoon. Carried away fore yard & tore
all set sail to shivers

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