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apptoach but not so for the natives.
Capt. to try & get a shot among
the Jungle. Mrs. E. & I walked down by
the side of the river as far as a
kind of farmsteading when we
returned. saw the Capt. on the way
back. we went on bd. Capt. came
an hour after remained on bd. all
day reading (one in a thousand)
Cassiagni Law & some of the
Engineer Apprentices went on shore
shooting in the afternoon. shot one
pigeon & a Jay. brough[t] a small
snake on bd. which they found near
the river on shore 1 1/2 feet long. had
no frill like a Cobra. a sting was
projected from the neath like that
of a wasp but much larger. we
pitched him overboard.

Wednesday Jany. 5th. 1859

Still at Anchor in Todypauna
where we are likely to have an

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