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remained on bd. all the rest
of the day reading (one in a thousand)
Capt. & Dibbs went ashore shooting
in the afternoon Dibbs shot 2 doves
Cassiagne & I pulled the Captn. off
in the jolly in the evg. dressed in Holland all

Thursday Jany. 6th 1859

Capt. & Mrs. E went on shore this
mg. before I got up read One in a
thousand till breakfast time dies
Sed after breakfast. Finished (one
in a thousand) about dinner time
After dinner tried to paddle a
native canoe. pulled the jolly
myself with a Mugh in it. frightened
him by shoving off into the stream
Dibbs & I Rum Toely[?] at 1/2 past
7. Turned in about nine.

Friday Jany 7th. 1858.[1859]

up about seven. had a bath.
did not go ashore. dressed &
read a few Chapters of Travels &

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