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English Channel

hove the ship too about 10.
Mr. & Mrs. Payne & Peterson went
ashore (Mr. & Mrs.P without saying
good bye) asked the boatmen to
report us & Peterson had a telegraph
message. Went on to Dungeness.
A great number of Ships at Anchor
outward bound head wind for them
could not proceed out abreast of
Dungeness about 2 ocl P.M. pilot
Cutter came off two pilots in small
boat with hats on well ducked.
still beating all ships we come
[a]cross beat Steamer which we
have engaged for £40- to take
us up the river 4 ocl in the
downs. rounded the south foreland
passes Dover saw the Coast of
France Could see the people
walking ashore at Dover & the
Bating Machines with glass Dover
Breakwater &ce. 5.30

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