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Clerkenwell. Called on John Al-
. News Dr. Manning home (on his
way) M left (to go to Barnett tomorrow.
evg. waled to Bank with Dr. R. & then
to Bethnall House. had lunch &
went round to visit female side.
[?] went to the office read act till 5.
had dinner. Dr. R. went out to party. com-
menced to write 2 letters. one to Mrs. R. &
to Bill Auld. Couldn't get on . Stopped
& commenced to write this. finished 10.15.

Saty: Jany. 26th. 1861.

Got dinner early today after visiting
the male side & went up to the
King's Cross Station to meet John Alex-
to go to Barnett with him. Saw
him at 5 ocl Could not go to Barnett
as Dr. M. had come home from China
Said he expected to have to go to Edinr.
Walked back down to Holborn Hill & got
back to Bethnall House just as they
had finished dinner.

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