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Rigor Mortis gone off. 52 hours after
body well nourished death
Acute Phthisis Pulmonalis

Ann Jones (Aet 23) Duration 2 months
Head. Membranes strongly adherent to Calvarium
Brain substance healthy. A considerable quantity
of serum. None in the ventricles.


Heart. Pericardium. Contains a good deal of
fluid. Structure healthy but pale ventri-
cles contained hard coagula of blood.
Valves. Good.

Lungs: On cutting thro' root of right lung a
gush of matter took place. From a cavity opened
into. Apex of right lung free from tubercle.
about mid: of middle lobe a cavity 1 inch
in diameter & numerous scattered tubercles
& small cavities
Apex of left lung contained a few tubercles
Sm: cavities containing pus in the rest of
the lung substance no fluid effused
but adhesionof the back part of left
lung to wall of chest. over a large surface
Spleen much enlarged & solid & con

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