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him only, she never can love another
his cheek is pale. the lover places
one kiss on the girls now unwilling lip.
One heart broken sob escapes him. As
he turns to leave her, he dares not trust
himself with another look
Soon he is gone from her sight, from
Jessie who had concealed her feelings
from the last now seeks her room & the
tears which had not before been shed
now come down in torrents. She was
alone bewildered sad. She could not
realise the full amount of her mercy
it seemed like a dream Albert parting
on his way, as fast as he could tries
[to keep close? scored through] as if to outrun his
thoughts he goes to the Railway
Station. Kind friends, press his hands
on all sides, the hour arrives & he is
gone from the midst of them all.
The voyage out is a prosperous one
the first going Albert has made

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