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would have an opportunity of rarity for
three long months to send on shore by the
pilot. The young mans name was Albert
[struck through: Parmenter] Kay, born of an ancient & noble
family in Perthshire he was a younger son & as younger
sons do generally he had entered the
Army & into a regiment the pride of
his own county one wearing the garb of
Old gaul. he had lately joined & his
regiment had now embarked for the
Capital City of the East. there were hearts
that yearned for him at home, he had
his elder brother now already in motion
torn himself from a broken hearted
mothers arms. From sisters from brothers
& from one whom he scarcely could confess
to himself had such a place in his
affections. Young Jessie Duncan was the
flower of the village adjoining the estate
on which Albert Kay had spent most
of his youthful days. She was the youngest
daughter of the medical man of the
village & had likewise passed

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