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after a hint had been given that [...] or need probably be necessary:
Moved, by Mrs. Catt that Mrs. Sewall be requested to abridge the transactions, so that they may be published for not more than $1.00 for each set. Unanimously adopted [The discussion developed the suggestion that the who transaction might more cheaply be printed in one volume, but this was not in the motion.]
This motion was followed by another which I also made, moved that Mrs. Sewall be requested to compute the book, and after its compution, she shall be authorized to solicit subscriptions to the transactions at the price agreed upon at the previous motion, but she shall not be authorized to solicit contributions of money from the Internal Councils for the purposes of publishing the transaction. Unanimously adopted.
This last motion was preceded by a discussion as to whether you had suggested in your letter the desirability of securing cash contributions from the Councils, or only suggested subscriptions to the book. Some thought one may and some another. The Councils thought could not give more, Then Mrs. Stritt also said that she thought subscriptions should not solicited until the books could be delivered

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