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The Index
Dr Butler's Receipt in pg 1st
To help Degestion and
Expell Winde in pg: 1st
A Purge in Aprill in pg: 2nd
Lozenges for A Cold in pg 2nd
To make A Diett Drink in pg 2nd
To make Wound Water in pg 2nd
A Diett Drink for a consumtion
or Any inward weakness in pg 3rd
A Pouder Aproved Against
ye Stone or wind collct in pg 3rd
An Electuary for A
consumtion in pg 3rd
For the Stone in pg 4th
For A Cough in pg 4th
To make Sweet Pills in Pg 4th
To heal Eyes Pained
with Hott Rume in pg 4th
To make neesing Powder in pg 4th
To take away any Scurfe
or Pimples Arising on ye Skin in pg 5th
A Diett Drink to purifie
the Blood pg 5th
To make Scorbutick Pills in pg 5th
For A cough to cutt fleam
and heal ye Stummach in pg 5th
For ye Scurvie or Dropsie in pg 6th
To make Elixer Propretatis in pg 6th
A Diett Drink to purge ye
head And Body in pg 7th
An other Diet Drink to
Purifie ye Blood in pg 7th
For ye Palsy or weak Sinnues
or Any old Strean 8th
To cuer A megrim or Any
disseness in ye Head in pg 9th
The Lady Rutlands green
Oyntment pg 10th
The Index
Dr Lamdens Receipt pg 5th
To Stay Bleeding pg 5th
To heal ye Lung's in pg 6th
For ye Stone in pg 6th
To fasten ye Teeth in pg 6th
Against A Stich in pg 8th
For ye cough of ye Lungs 9th
Against ye Stone pg 9th
To make ye face
Faire pg 9th
To make A consumtive
Plaister pg 10th
To make Oyle
of Exeter in pg 11th
For A Bruise in pg 11th
For A green wound pg 12th
For A Burne pg 12th
To make Issue[?]
Plaister in pg 12th
Unguentum inerantium 13th
The Black Salve in pg 13th
for Any Cutt
For a consumtian in pg 14th
To Stay Bleeding in pg 14
The caustick Powder pg 15
The tarter water
and ye Red water in pg 15th
The green oyntment in 16th
The use of ye things in pg 16
For ye Ricketts in pg 17th 18th
Pipin water for A cold pg 19th
For a Hedick
Feavour pg 19th
A neesing Pouder pg 19th

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