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Tuesday, March  5, 1918

Tuesday, March 5, 1918

A beautiful day.

Ben and Marvin finished shuckin and cribbing corn this evenin. Ben went to Jim Powers to try to sell Frank Mays horse. Mays shucked corn in his place. Ben brough Josie and the baby home from Mrs Carrs. I heard that Ethel Worsham has a girl born this morning.

To night Frank and George Blair and Irvin Craddock and Jim Craddock come here and staid until bed time. Irvin staid all night.

I went to Carries a while this evenin.

Henry went to school.

Edna went to Carries.

10:40 oclock

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Friday, March  8, 1918

Friday, March 8, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen split wood in the woods to day. Josie washed. I staid with the children.

This evenin I went to George Blairs. They were shuckin corn there. Carrie and the children come down here this evening. Marvin was haulin wood to day.

Marvins colte got in the pasture with our horses this evening but did not get hurt.

9 oclock

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Saturday, November  2, 1918

Saturday, November 2, 1918

A good day. Ben and Marvin has hauled logs and lumber all day today. Mr Owen and Paul shucked some corn this morning. This evening they put a load of tobacco on the waggons. William Gilbert helped them.

Josie sewed some. I got dinner except making the bread. Josie made that.

Late this evening I went to Carries. She was bathing the children and complaining of the toothache. We heard this evening that Mr Eujean Shelton died this morning.

To night Ben and Owen and Paul went to the barn to put on a load of tobacco. They intend going to Gretna Monday.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, November  6, 1918

Wednesday, November 6, 1918

A good day. Ben and Mr Owen went to Gretna and solde their tobacco. It solde very well. They got home a while after twelve eat dinner then went to the saw mill and got a load of lumber.

Marvin and Carrie went to Altavista this evening. Mr Mayhew and Rena went with them also Virginia Harvey.

Josie went up there and kept the children. They left Hazel at home. Josie says that they done fine. I went up to Marvins a little while then come home. Henry come with me. We shucked corn enough to feed on to night and in the morning. Ben has gone up to Marvins to help hunt a mink that killed a chicken this morning.

8 oclock

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Saturday, November  9, 1918

Saturday, November 9, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen and Marvin helped Mr Dews rais a shed for a pit. I put two panes of glass in the window at the pit. Henry and I shucked two shocks of corn. Josie ironed and got dinner. She baked potato biscuit to night. She baked corn batter bread. I did enjoy it.

Miss Willie Wooding come a while this evening. Richard and Jane Wooding are both sick.

Carrie has two children sick. Marvin loaded his waggon to day intends going to Gretna Monday. Earnest and Lottie Craddock come to Blairs to day.

Ren Worsham and Ben Brumfield has gone to Lynchburg to night. Dont know when to look for them back.

Josie is ironing yet.

7 30 oclock

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