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The Domesday Book Of Queen's University (Volume 1) 1839-1900 p.249-1193



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have a high appreciation of his fidelity in the discharge of his duties in connection with this trust- of his attainments as a scholar and of his whole bearing as a Christian gentleman."

Two of the Professors, The Principal and Professor Mackerras, had been much engaged during part of the last two years in arduous extramural labours in the prosecution of the Endowment Scheme, and the College still continued to feel the effects of the depression caused by the financial crisis through which it had so recently past, but from this year onwards the tide of prsoperity began again to rise and has never since ceased to flow.

All the Classes in Arts and Theology, which had hitherto been conducted at great inconvenience in the old building, were this Session transferred to the large and commodious building formerly leased to the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. There, under the careful training and instruction of their Professors, in daily Class work, and monthly written examinations, the Students continued to be distinguished by their diligence and progress. But the Principal could refer to other tests of the Education given at the College, "more deserving of notice because of their strictly independent application," when, with well grounded satisfac-

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