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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: K includes John J. Keane, Peter C. Kellogg, Maude Stanford Kinmouth, Elizabetha R. Kiplinger, Lucretia Wolcott Knowlton, and Mrs. J.H. Kyle

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that he would be honored & delighted. But that he wanted to submit the idea to you & see what you would have to say on the matter & he would then write me fully. Now I write this at a time that he is no more & I am more than anxious now that he has passed away to perpetuate his memory in my Son who If you give consent I will endeavor & work hard to give him an education that you will be proud of him for the name he bears. Trusting that you will look on this in the proper light at such a sad time as due to my regard for your husband & give us your consent.

I remain Yours with Sorrow


C M Keegan

2424 Poplar St Phila Pa

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