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Condolence letters re: death of Leland Stanford: K includes John J. Keane, Peter C. Kellogg, Maude Stanford Kinmouth, Elizabetha R. Kiplinger, Lucretia Wolcott Knowlton, and Mrs. J.H. Kyle

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to us in this life but we may cease to mourn and even to find a joy rejoice that well-earned repose has found a couch that cannot be disturbed by the strife and trouble of this life.

I hope that you may live long in the enjoyment of such a feeling, to do the great good that Providence, through the instrumentality of the remarkable man who was your husband, has placed it in your hands to do, and that in thus supplimenting [sic] his life work you may find a happiness next to that which you have found in being his companion for so many years.

Yours Fraternally

Peter C. Kellogg

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