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Correspondence (incoming): Br - Bu, 1892-1901

Untitled Page 9

Untitled Page 9

I do not know yet, where we shall go to take a little repose I would have liked to go to some watering place in Germany or in Bohemia but my means do not allow it, so we will be obliged to go to Italy or Austria.

Hoping that you are enjoying the best of health and that you may have a pleasant return trip to America, please do accept my and my wifes most sincere compliments and believe me to be Your most respectful and sincere

Emile Brugsch

Please to direct your letter to:

Emile Brugsch Bey


They will be forwarded to my next address which I do not know yet.

[Right side]

Cairo July 5 1901

Dear Mrs Leland Stanford

I received your letter from Kissingen June 17th about a week ago, but could not write any sooner, having been suffering severely from Erysipilas [sic - Erysipelas].

I have communicated the content of your letter to my wife. She is willing to let you have her collection for the amount mentioned in your letter, that is to say five thousand Dollars, only you will be obliged to wait until our return from Europe, for we both are so ill that we have to leave Cairo in a few days. We shall be back towards the 10th or 15th October and the objects can be shipped in the first days of November. Only my wife begs you

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